Does The Game Have A New Hit For 2016?

The Game is back with and he’s brought along Trey Songz in this record titled “Do It To Ya”. Do you think The Game has another hit record? Leave a comment below.



Lil Boosie “Cancer” Video Debut WATCH

A shock hit the Hip-Hop community late November 2015 when news of Louisiana’s most influential rapper “Lil Boosie” came forward with his news about having cancer. After just serving 5 years in prison, and suffering from diabetes for years, Boosie proves to be as strong as his presence has been to Hip-Hop, when he released this trailer revealing his fist video since his diagnosis. This video will give you a peek at Boosie’s video “Cancer” with is set to debut on BET Jams and RevoltTv this week. This video is one of a series that will support his project entitled “In My Feelings” which leads you to believe that you will be getting a lot of what Boosie is experiencing and battling with in his lyrics. Make sure to #PrayFaBoosie and tune into BET Jams And RevoltTv for his 30 min debut.

Overnight Sensation “Slim Jesus” Speaks

Social media has been in a frenzy over a young rapper by the name of “Slim Jesus” which emerged on the scene at the age of 18. We all know social media is known for digging up the corniest, untalented artists/people and turning them into an overnight sensations with a few clicks on the share button. This time social media surfaced a unique character with an unusual entrance into the industry. We have all witnessed rappers take off in there career, then have something from there not so extravagant past life surface that totally contradicts what is perceived of them from there lyrics. Well this is not the case with 19 year old Slim Jesus. As you can hear and see, in his first official video “Drill Time”, Slim Jesus portrays himself as a street credible rapper with a bit of experience behind a pistol. But what he has to say to the world is the total opposite. Watch These 2 video in order, then leave us a comment. Do you support this perceivably smart young man with a passion for hardcore rap music? Or do you believe he should maintain his own lane? Let us know

Twitter is expanding.. Character count that is.

twitter-140-feature-large-625x300According to multiple media sources, Twitter is rumored to be making some big changes in 2016. according to The Wrap twitter will soon allow up to 10,000 characters per tweet as opposed to its current 140.

This is just a rumor at this time, but if true, what does this mean for those using twitter to market products brands, or services? In my experience with twitter, I know that the lack of character use called for creativity to compensate for the short message that gets relayed. I personally enjoy the peace I get from sites such as Twitter and IG. Do you think twitter should remain 140? Do we honestly want another “paragraph post” social media site like Facebook? Leave us a comment below!

Gucci To Be Released? Real Or Publicity?

Fans and followers of the Trap God of East atlanta “Gucci Mane” were confused this past Sunday [January 3rd, 2016] when Gucci’s Twitter and Instagram deactivated. Shortly following the social media wipeout, 1017 Records official IG page announced that the Atlanta rapper will make his return in march of 2016. Is this a publicity stunt? Or is the Trap God back again? Only time will tell. In the meantime we will continue to search youtube for any of his unreleased music, and look forward to hopefully a fresh start and fresh new music like this hood banger producer by Guwop’s right hand producer Zaytiggy. Enjoy and share #FreeGuwop

[Official Video] Gucci Mane “Pockets Pregnant” Produced By Zaytoven*

You can purchase official Gucci Mane Apparel and accessories here.GucciManeHighsidePocketsPregnant.jpg