Who is Track Junkee?? Here’s what we know…

2017 Is dragging in some fresh new artists.. But none as unique as “Track Junkee” from south GA.

From unique melodies and rhythmic patterns, to a fresh uncomparable vibe, Junkee has definitely got a promising year ahead of him. 
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Since the release of his first single “Drop Me At The Studio” in May of 2016, Junkee has been seen
 promoting his 3 track promo disc and his fast spreading “Positive Vibes” campaign
 from the deep south of Georgia and Florida, to the midwest in Chicago & Milwaukee. 
Just recently (Jan. 2017) Junkee announced he will be releasing his first music video for an upcoming single titled “Rather Not” which will also come out on all major streaming platforms for distribution. 
Here is a recent interview that was published 
on ThisIs50.Com And NowHipHop.Com
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-For Booking & All Other Info Contact TrackJunkeeInfo@Gmail.Com-
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😻💦Instagram by Track Junkee 

iTunes: https://itun.es/us/mwCUeb

Google: https://goo.gl/Dy1ETd

Spotify: https://goo.gl/w7sE9r

SoundCloud: https://goo.gl/VvRcLl

YouTube: https://youtu.be/Ip4HrNiFdoo

Track Junkee – Instagram (UPC)
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Drop Me At The Studio By Track Junkee

iTunes: https://itun.es/us/iocPcb

Spotify: https://goo.gl/qKi8K9

Google: https://goo.gl/w5CGqt

YouTube: https://goo.gl/B83ZK9

Track Junkee – Drop Me At The Studio (UPC)
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The Internet Is Gonna Eat This White Rapper Alive….

“Its not every day you encounter an artist as intriguing as Junkee”

Los Angeles County born, Georgia raised. 
Track Junkee has been making an impact with his music 
and “Positive Vibes” movement across the southern and midwestern states.
 A true artist with a unique and fresh sound that is undeniably
 leaving a stamp everywhere his original production and distinct melodies are heard. 
If you fiend for a crisp vibe to compliment your playlist, Junkee definately has the fix!
NEW “Rather Not” Music Video
(Released 3/12/16)

Watch “Rather Not” Music Video On YouTube NOW

Track Junkee roles solo in this new visual complimenting his self produced single “Rather Not” which he addresses his lack of trust and abundance of adversity in his journey to stardom. The mellow tone sets the vibe in the first verse as Junkee’s lyrics paint a picture of  overwhelming stress and frustration brought on by his lack of loyalty within his circle. 
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“Drop Me At The Studio” Leaked on Soundcloud!!

The past month has been filled with anticipation of Track Junkee’s new single “Drop Me At The Studio” and its release on iTunes. We now have an official LEAK of the song that can be streamed on soundcloud. Chill, and let the soundtrack to the summer of 2016 radiate from your speakers. Follow the movement on all social media via hashtag #DropMeAtTheStudio @TrackJunkee

News is in… Meek mill has an official emoji 💩💩💩

At some point you have to ask yourself “When is enough, enough”… Obviously Meek Mill hasn’t done that just yet.

Apparently Meek took a few subliminal shots at New York rapper 50 Cent in his new EP. titled “4/4” which landed him a nice post on 50 Cent’s Instagram account. Now if you aren’t familiar with the recent Meek Mill & Drake beef then you have been under a rock somewhere most likely in Alaska with the “Bush People”. And if you are not familiar with 50 Cent then let me just put it this way, he’s no stranger to bashing and roasting via social media. Meeks streak of loses in the media raises flags. Is he making himself vulnerable to social bullying in order to keep his name in the media? I have sometimes wondered if behind these wealthy artists are teams of PR’s/Bloggers etc. constructing elaborate media  scandals in order to help maintain an artists relevancy. Is it true what they say? Is any publicity good publicity? Either way you look at it, its not a good look for Meek to be taking shots at one of the most well known social media roasters like 50 Cent. Especially since his MeMe’s have been on everyones timeline at the end of 2015



Quoted From 50 Cent IG: “LMAO Hey shit head, your career is over already.You better focus on getting Nikki pregnant so you can at least get child support girl. 💩💩💩 new meek emoji lol.”


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